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Adventure surf and turf - Trafalgar Falls and Champagne Snorkel

champagne snorkel small.jpg

Adventure Surf and Turf leads you to Dominica's twin Trafalgar Waterfalls and then to Champagne Beach to snorkel amid stunning tropical fish, colorful coral, and a stream of bubbles. This is your ticket to doing the Trafalgar Falls and Champagne snorkeling on a single excursion.

Adventure Surf and Turf goes to the lush and green Roseau Valley. Drink in the misty beauty of the cascading Trafalgar Waterfalls, and see volcanic steam bubble from the Wotton Waven Sulphur Springs. Enjoy picturesque views en route to a marine park, then snorkel in the clear blue water at Champagne beach.

Adventure Surf and Turf is the perfect combination tour for your stop-over in Dominica.

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